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The BagelNet Foundation is an underground organization that originated in Austin, Texas. It was founded by Steve, a computer scientist of unknown origins who claimed he could communicate with and receive visions from Bebo daBagel, lord of all bagels in the known universe. Steve began working on plans for what he described as "a network of bread to save all of humanity", and quickly became alienated by his peers and colleagues.


The first members to join Steve were former psychologists who had been blacklisted due to their work involving Psilocybin mushrooms and LSD. With no where else to turn, the gospel of Bebo daBagel resonated with them in ways the general public could not understand. Steve built a commune outside of Austin Texas where research was conducted on bagels. It wasn't until Pablo de los Perdidos brought them the first Quantum Bagel that the organization's efforts were validated.

1970's - present

In 1971, The Foundation was able to build an quantum research facility in Austin, Texas. In 1976, construction on the Quantum Bagel Network began when the Monks of the Holey Temple arrived in Texas, seeking to fulfill the Torus Prophecy. The Foundation greeted them with open arms and used their sacred knowledge to build the QBN and bless bagels more effectively. Pablo de los Perdidos was battling cancer at the time and volunteered to be the first person to bind their soul to a bagel node. The transfer was successful, and Steve immediately set up a program that allowed people to sign up and help populate the QBN. Seeing the influx in traffic caused the Central Bagel Unit to begin programming a virtual reality playground in an effort to keep the souls on the network entertained. The Quantum Bagel Matrix was completed on July 28th 1974, and gave structure to what was previously only a void-like chatroom filled with volunteers.