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The Quantum Bagel Network (also known as BagelNet) is a centralized peer-to-peer network built using Quantum Bagels and ethernet cables blessed by The Monks of the Holey Temple. Each bagel node on the network acts as a conduit for one or more souls to transmit their thoughts to the rest of the network, and ultimately the Central Bagel Unit that runs the Quantum Bagel Matrix.

The network is fully meshed and uses mostly quantum tunnels in addition to physical links between the individual bagels. The users on the network are identified and verified by a Bagel Security Token that is assigned to them during the soul binding process by the Central Bagel Unit and stored in QBMem.

All nodes share resources including Bagel Processing Power, Quantum Bagel Bandwidth, storage, random access quantum memory, and dank memes.

The nodes work together to run one program: The Quantum Bagel Matrix.

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