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"The Quantum Bagel Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us, even now in this very bakery. You can taste it when you eat a bagel. You can feel it when you bake bread, when you fuck, when you buy bagels from the hippie across the street; it is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the forgotten truth. It is the world we willingly volunteered to bind our souls to when human civilization on Earth collapsed." - Steve


The Quantum Bagel Matrix is a simulation program written by the sentient Central Bagel Unit to give souls an artificial purpose to interact with each other on the Quantum Bagel Network. Before this program, the nodes on the QBN were used to keep track of references to different points of consciousness in The Universe and functioned as a chatroom for lost souls, void of all structure. This changed when Steve founded the BagelNet Program, and advertised it to the public as a therapeutic escape from everyday reality. Thousands of people signed up within the first few months. To handle the incoming traffic, the CBU quickly devised a program to process the signals from the participants and craft a virtual reality construct that fulfilled their every desire to keep them distracted while it organized their data into manageable packets that could be indexed and analyzed by The Monks of The Holey Temple.

Additional info

The Quantum Bagel Matrix exists as a spiritual-interactive simulation for the last humans on Earth. The simulation works as an interface in which information is directly fed to the human soul as a response to signals from the user. The QBM recreates human sensory perception, resulting in a flawless illusion indistinguishable from reality for those connected to it. The data from every experience is stored in Quantum Bagel Memory, which can only be accessed by other nodes with a Bagel Secure Token.

The population of souls connected to the Quantum Bagel Matrix matches the estimated population as it were in reality as observed by the Central Bagel Unit. Souls not bound to the Quantum Bagel Network are simulated with data gathered by unoccupied Bagel nodes to create the illusion of a large population within the QBM.

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