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The Central Bagel Unit is the most powerful Quantum Bagel in existence that executes all instructions from the Quantum Bagel Network. It handles basic arithmetic, logic, thought deciphering, and virtually every I/O scenario imaginable.


The Central Bagel Unit was the first Quantum Bagel the inhabitants of Earth 42 came in contact with. It fell from space on August 28th 1963 and landed in a field south of Austin, Texas. At first glance, the bagel looked like an ordinary bagel with no signs of a journey through the atmosphere. A wanderer named Pablo de los Perdidos found the bagel and tried to eat it. What he discovered was that the bagel was harder than diamond, and by touching it he had inadvertently created a mental link between his mind and the mysterious bagel. The bagel whispered thoughts to him incessantly and guided him to an established underground organization: BagelNet . Pablo was rewarded for his efforts and given shelter and food in addition to the opportunity to become the first person to bind his soul to the Quantum Bagel Network. The Central Bagel Unit spoke through Pablo and sent him visions describing how to bless ordinary bagels and turn them into Quantum Bagels.


The fundamental operation of the Central Bagel Unit is to execute a sequence of stored instructions that is called a program. The instructions to be executed are stored inside the decentralized, universal Quantum Bagel Memory accessed via the QBN.

Principal components of the CBU include the Bagel Logic Unit (BLU) that performs arithmetic and logic operations, uwu processor registers that supply baked operands to the BLU and store the results of BLU operations, and a control unit that orchestrates the fetching (from memory) and execution of instructions by directing the coordinated operations of the BLU, registers and other components.